Thursday, January 8, 2009

Congratulations ... You Made It

How are you today? We made it, the first full week of the New Year. So who fell off the resolution wagon all ready? I did by Monday, yep gone by the wayside. Now this particular resolution is an annual one, spend less and save more, yeah that is what I thought. Everyone makes this resolution, but I can usually make it to February. But, on Monday, I couldn't resist, the perfect bed for EM was on sale. Well, it was already going cheap and to find it on sale was the clincher. Happy B-Day to EM.

I've done much better following Rachel Anne's example and pledging to do "one 'extra' thing each day. Ladies, when you put this in action that ONE extra thing becomes a multitude of extra things. By Tuesday I was following one extra thing after another.

Well, that was Tuesday. Some other days my one extra thing was just to have my automatic coffee pot filled and set for the following morning.

Yesterday I took to heart the one extra thing mantra when I reorganized my kitchen utensil drawers. I wiped down the inside of those drawers. Eek, it really does get disgusting in there, and that is where my kitchen utensils live. I don't want to worry about wiping down my ladle or cookie dough scooper every time I pull it out. (OK, it wasn't that bad, but a little bit of dirt in those drawers just make me skeve.)

I also cleaned out my utensil crock. I realized I haven't wiped out the inside since purchasing it. Amazingly it wasn't that dirty. I guess all the utensils jammed in there blocks the dust from settling to the bottom. (And all you wondering why I leave my utensils out on my counter if dirt in the drawers make me gag. Realize, many of those utensils in the crock are used daily. They are being washed, at least several times a week.)

Today has been a slow day. I'm still in my work out clothes and it is almost 2 in the afternoon. I better end our visit since I still need a shower, a little devotional time, fold a pile of laundry or two, and do some ironing before the boys arrive home in an hour. Hmmm, think I'll settle for a shower and quiet time with God.

Enjoy your weekend. Don't forget to complete that one little extra thing each day.

Happy New Year


secondofwett said...

It sounds like you did pretty good to youngest unloads the dishwasher as her chore so even if I tidied up my untensil drawer I'm afraid it wouldn't stay that way for very long! I think I have another ten years before they all move out and the drawer looks the way I want it to all the time! :0)

PolkaDotMama said...

I'm doing the extra thing too. It feels so good to tackle things even if you don't get it done everyday. I always figure I can jump back on my resolutions even when I fall off.

Sounds like you had a very prductive week, though.

Dani said...

You are so right...they do turn into a multitude of small things. I say, well, I'll just do this one thing and then I find just one more. I get some really great things done, but wear myself out in the mean time :)

Claudia said...

I find that even if I don't do the small thing Rachel Anne posts for the day, it usually inspires me to do something I hadn't intended to do that day - and the "one extra thing a day" has been a real kicker, too. Pretty soon, everything will just be done. Yeah, right.

As for resolutions, I don't even make them anymore. I make the resolution to lose weight about every third Monday, so I can't even count that as a New Year's resolution since the new year fell on a Thursday this year. :-)

Rachel Anne said...

I've really been conscious of the "extra things" and sometimes I've assigned "extra thing" status to things I was going to do anyway, but it feels like I'm just over the top productive :)

I love having my utensil drawer clean! That was really an easy one and I'm still enjoying the benefits.

You already know I'm horrible at resolutions so I'm just going to stick to the extra thing.

mholgate said...

Doesn't the "extra thing" make you feel great? I've been trying to stick to it too. Usually it's something that is related to the small thing but sometimes it's just something that has been on my list that I wouldn't normally accomplish in my day to day chores.

Thanks for sharing. I always love sharing coffee with you . : )


Anonymous said...

Glad you are doing your "extra thing"s. They do add up. Keep it up!